How to use time-tested techniques to motivate and engage students, whether in-class or remotely:

  • Five synchronous Professional Development sessions
  • Skills and techniques for running remote classrooms, assessment, enriching teaching with virtual learning environments
  • Four follow-up coaching/feedback sessions
  • Designed for Lead Teachers and Curriculum or PD administrators
  • For Teaching and for Train the Trainer
  • Licenses of 3DBear for all participants
  • Leads to Flexible Learning Certification

The 3DBear Deep Learning Academy prepares teachers to utilize Augmented Reality and time tested pedagogy to integrate technology into lessons to engage students in immersive learning experiences whether teaching in class or remotely. Teachers will be able to prepare lessons, create custom content, and deliver instruction to students that will enable student voice, shift responsibility for learning to the students themselves, and meet rigorous learning objectives.

There are six phases to the Academy:

  1. Learning the Craft
  2. Preparing and Delivering Lessons
  3. Engaging students and integrating in curriculum
  4. Design Thinking and PBL
  5. Modelling and Design
  6. Virtual Coaching

Leading to Certification

3DBear Pedagogical Model


Read our White Paper on Flexible Learning

3DBear offers three different academies: General Education, Career and Technical Education, Virtual Science Labs. Determine which Flexible Learning Academy best suits your needs.

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