3DBear Deep Learning Academy

The 3DBear Deep Learning Academy prepares teachers to utilize Augmented Reality and time tested pedagogy to integrate technology into lessons that engage students in immersive learning experiences, whether teaching in class or remotely. Teachers will be able to prepare lessons, create custom content, and deliver instruction to students that will enable student voice, shift responsibility for learning to the students themselves, and meet rigorous learning objectives.

The 3DBear Deep Learning Academy has 5 sessions. The purpose is to provide teachers with the super-power to motivate their students to learn deeply. We draw deeply on Finnish education practice, adapting it to US teachers and students.

  • Five synchronous Professional Development sessions
  • Skills and techniques for running remote or face-to-face classrooms, assessment, enriching teaching with virtual learning environments
  • Using PBL to increase equity, access, and student engagement
  • Designed for Lead Teachers and Curriculum or PD administrators
  • Licenses of 3DBear Augmented Reality app for all participants
  • Leads to Deep Learning Certification
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Each Academy is customized, and here is a sample structure of five sessions:

After the fourth session, participants develop their own lesson  plans, incorporating what they have learned. While they are developing their curriculum, participants have access to 1:1 coaching from 3DBear instructors. They then showcase and discuss their lesson plans in the fifth session.

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There are five sessions to the 3DBear Flexible Learning Academy:


  1. Academy Kickoff: Practical examples of checking in to engage participants, Intro to Finnish education practices, thought Harvesting, how does 3DBear fit in
  2. Using 3DBear: How did you apply what your learned last week, Online Tools for Checking in, integrating Social Emotional Learning into lessons, how to use the 3DBear Augmented Reality App, examples of lessons using 3DBear
  3. Lessons Using PBL: Check-in and recap, what were your experiences with 3DBear, using positive feedback to mold and motivate students, techniques for incorporating student voice and choice, advanced 3DBear techniques, longer PBL lessons that use 3DBear
  4. Lesson Design: what were your experiences over the last week, brainstorming and how could you use 3DBear for your own lessons, group walk-through on creating a lesson that uses PBL and 3DBear and that would motivate students, preparation for creating your own lessons. 
  5. Capstone Projects: Check-in and warm-up, showcasing lessons that participants developed, reflective discussion, next steps, and feedback


Leading to Certification

You will learn to engage your students so that they learn efficiently and master the materials

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3DBear offers three different academies: Career and Technical Education, Virtual Science Labs. Contact us to determine which 3DBear Academy best suits your needs.

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