3DBear & CleverBooks Back to school campaign


3DBear & CleverBooks - Back to school BUNDLE

3DBear and CleverBooks have joined to offer you the best Augmented Reality bundle to get started with your school year. Easy and engaging way for your students to learn and start exciting school year. This bundle is meant for 1 teacher, library / media center or school wide use. 

With Cleverbooks and 3DBear, students work on all 6 levels of Bloom’s taxonomy to learn about geography, social studies, biology, and Space exploration. Students are motivated to learn deeply through engaging activities using Augmented Reality, whether they are in class or learning remotely.

Cleverbooks uses Augmented Reality to engage students in self-directed exploratory learning. Students use the Cleverbooks maps to learn about and understand the relationships between land animals, water animals, plants, weather, political systems, and heritage and places of interest on the seven continents, and they use Cleverbooks Space posters to explore and learn about the solar system, assemble a rocket, and see how a rocket disassembles as it launches.

3DBear is an Augmented Reality digital storytelling app where students manipulate 3 dimensional objects to build videos to explain concepts and tell stories across the curriculum. When the students create their videos, they are applying, analyzing, and evaluating what they have learned in order to create a video story that they can show off to their peers.

When you purchase the Cleverbooks/3DBear bundle, you get three comprehensive lesson plans that will excite and engage your K-6 learners.


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CleverBooks/3DBear Pedagogy and Lessons

create an engaging learning environment & bring school subjects to life

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Motivate students to learn deeply through engaging activities using Augmented Reality, whether they are in class or learning remotely. 

Combined lessons include:


Lesson 1: Biomes and ecosystems.

Students use Cleverbooks to explore the worlds of land and water animals, plants, and weather and learn what can sustain life.Then, using the animals, plants, and landscape they have discovered, they build a sustainable ecosystem and biome in AR using 3DBear, and a video that demonstrates how the plants and animals live together: what do they eat, how do they shelter, and how does the weather and landmasses support their existence.


Lesson 2: Heritage and Places of Interest

Students explore weather, political systems, and places of interest around the world using Cleverbooks maps. They then pick at least one place and develop a video tour using 3DBear as a public service announcement: why should you visit this location? In the video, students will describe the significance and size, flag, and population of the location, what are some of the well known places of interest, and why you would want to visit those places. Ideally, at the end of the project, other teachers and students can vote about which areas they would most like to visit based on the videos.


Lesson 3: Space Travel

Students have a mission, pick a planet (or the moon), launch a rocket, and then establish a colony. Students use Cleverbooks to explore and learn about the solar system, learn how to assemble a rocket, and launch a rocket from earth. They research what would be necessary to sustain life on their planet: what would settlers eat and drink, how would they breathe, what would protect them from the environment, where would energy come from? They would then build scenes in 3DBear about their rocket and colony, and describe who the colony would arrive and thrive on the new planet.


And more

Teachers have used Cleverbooks and 3DBear to have children learn through treasure hunts, classroom games, and team challenges. As a purchaser, you’ll have access to over 30 additional lesson plans that cover ELA, science, math, history, social studies, and social emotional learning to build not only academic skills but also foundational skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.


Until Sept 10, BUY - Single teacher bundle(s) 15% Discount

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