How to create awesome ar stories

5 tips to create awesome AR Stories!


  1. Think of it as a great video post!
    • What makes a good SoMe video post? It’s visually appealing and it has some idea. This idea can be a joke, it can be a scary situation or it can just look amazing.
    • AR adds an effect to the story or moment you have in your mind.
    • AR’s best promise is to bring alive something that couldn’t be there otherwise: A giant 3m long scorpion, a flamingo on the snow.

  2. Good lighting!
    • Enough light: Outdoors in daylight, indoors next to window, all lights on.
    • Tracking (objects stays where you want them to stay) gets worse when it’s too dark.

  3. Good background!
    • Not too busy with colors and textures: Dino isn’t very visible against trees, unless it’s a purpose?

  4. Move!
    • Don't stand still, AR comes alive when you move.

  5. Share on Social Media!
    • Videos are saved on your device camera feed, so just it doesn’t require any tricky workarounds between apps.
  • Music
    • If you have possibility to add background e.g. from another device, that'll give some extra boost for your AR Story.