Is Slush worth the effort

I have been asked if Slush - the annual startup event in Helsinki, Finland - worth the effort. We participated in this year's Slush on 30th November and 1st December 2016. The benefit is manifold: meetings with investors and potential partners - as well as media. In fact, media was for us the biggest upside in this year's Slush.

3DBear was featured in the main news in Finland on the Public Broadcasting company YLE (see attached picture of Jussi being interviewed, URL here); in the biggest Finnish daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat for a live online streaming (URL here); Iltalehti, a popular daily tabloid newspaper (URL here); Associated Press interviewed us; Elisa, the biggest operator in Finland (URL here) etc. 

It was a very successful event indeed.



Kristo Lehtonen, CEO of 3DBear


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