Working with the professionals: the students

We at 3DBear love to work with the professionals, and during the development of our newest app 3DBear AR we were lucky to work again with the best of the best: the students.

We have been collaborating with Kaisaniemi elementary school and few weeks back we visited with the 4th graders for few lessons.

The lesson was build up with few parts: first we went through what the augmented reality is (almost everyone knows the Pokemon Go-game). After this the students were split to pairs, and they got tablets or smartphones. The assignment was to improve the school surroundings, making it more pleasant.

When we asked the students what they like the most in their school yard, the answer was something like the swings and the climbing frames. We wanted them to think by themselves without any influence by the teacher or other authority.

Think Big and Achieve Bigger, a Wonderful Journey with Eight SchoolsLater we gathered again in the classroom where students were able to show their products to others. They had created places to sit, a climbing track and even a classroom with a bed for the courtyard. Also the passing bicycle path got a disincentive to slow down fast bikers.

Innovative and creative students also developed the assignment forward: one student made a cartoon-like story where the hero ventured in augmented reality.

Same time when the kids had a good time, they learned to use their mobile devices and social participation, working in pairs and increased their creativity.

Feedback from the students is very valuable to us and it is really fun to work with them and see how they use their ingenuity.



Written Anna Mäki


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