3DBear and Fidget Spinners

Based on popular demand, we have created an open source 3DBear fidget spinner for easy assembly and use. Fidget spinners are made for helping children with learning difficulties concentrate in class.

  • Bat spinner
  • 3DBear spinner 3
  • 3DBear spinner 2


Making a fidget spinner is a great project to do together with students at school or at home. It is highly motivating for children and has a clear context and relevance in their lives also outside the immediate class room design and printing process. Designs can be done at school and printing either at school or, say, nearby library.

In essence, a fidget spinner is a three-pronged piece of plastic with a ball bearing in the middle. It is also easily customizable. You can order ball bearings from almost anywhere as long as they are type 608 (22x7mm).


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