July 20, 2017

Could 3D Printing Be the Terminator of ‘Made in China’?

Despite we are living in a world of mass production, the demand for customization is soaring. Having tailor-made goods doesn’t necessarily stand for a showoff, it also suggests a pursue for personal needs and optimized user experience.


Could 3D Printing Be the Terminator of ‘Made in China’? Take a look at this photo. Yes, it’s just a plain pair of sunglasses, you can probably find similar ones in many optical shops. However, for its owner, every part of the sunglass is designed to match his facial features like pupil distance, nose and face shape. Pekka Salokannel, our CDO, is the creator behind this ingenious artefact. Years of practice in industrial design allows him to become well-versed in 3D modeling and printing. He once told me “To find perfectly fit glasses is challenging because a tiny discrepancy in the length of a frame can generate utterly different wearing experience; and since our current 3D technology is capable of solving this issue, why not take advantage of it?” If there are such significance exist in ordinary supplies like glasses, wouldn’t it be amazing to have more things customized in our daily life?

— Pekka Salokannel

The gradual maturity of 3D printing has brought the possibility for customization to a new level. Setting aside the fact that 3D technology is still in a young age, the potential and changes brought by it would be huge and disruptive. In theory, it seriously reduces the need for factories, production lines, warehouses, transport around the world from great production hubs. Many things can be printed up with digital instruction in a neighborhood print shop, and carried home under your arm, rather than shipped in container loads around the world. Maybe in the near future, people wouldn’t be ordering small gadgets like sunglasses all the way from China, instead they could 3D print their tailor-made ones in an hour.

Getting ready for our future is always important. With an unswerving belief in 3D technology and learning, 3DBear sets out to create quality and pedagogically sounded applications that help people especially our youngsters in learning latest technologies. We have simplified complicated concepts and spiced them up with game elements. What we would like to see most is our students of today can become the makers of tomorrow.


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Written by Junyi Sun, Educational Trainee at 3DBear

Reference: Peter D. (2013, May 4) 3D printing: A force for revolutionary change. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-22559022


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