August 4, 2017

Teacher: Save time with 3DBear!

“This formula is really important, write it down before I erase, for sure it will appear in your next exam”, I guess this ‘kind’ reminder rings a bell for people who have experienced cramming type of teaching. Back when I was a student, I cannot even recall how many times I had to blindly copy down things without knowing why. However, can we really blame our teachers for not being innovative and explanatory enough?

Many countries have started to reform education in order to get ready for the future. Finland, as a pioneer in education has already announced a new curriculum for K-12 education last year. The new curriculum attaches a lot of attention to phenomenon-based learning and multidisciplinary subjects. As the propellers of the new education, the Finnish teachers will have to learn new skills such as coding or 3D modeling, then plan a proper course to teach their students. Even for experienced teachers, the task is never easy considering the constrain in time and their knowledge towards the field of engineering and technology. Take teaching 3D printing as an example, for primary school kids, to learn the definition of 3D printing is boring yet to 3D design an object is fascinating, but will they be able to maintain their interests once the design process becomes complicated and patience-consuming? Would it be possible to teach 3D print a fidget spinner rather than a dull husky figurine? Or how to balance between engaging learning content and standardized curriculum? Good lesson planning indeed takes a lot of time and effort, especially when teachers have to organized classes that are new to them.

In this sense, wouldn’t it be awesome to have verified and ready-to-use learning modules at your disposal? And this is what 3DBear is developing at the moment. Despite there are plenty of educational apps that teach advanced technologies, but what makes 3DBear standout lays in our well-orchestrated learning modules. Because we believe in the power of technology-enhanced learning, we are aware of the struggles in teaching new technologies and we would like to make our teachers’ job easier and enjoyable.

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Teacher: Save time with 3DBear!
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