3DBear Joins Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative


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3DBear, a Finnish edtech company helping to pioneer the use of augmented reality in education, has joined the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative. 3DBear’s easy-to-use AR learning app and lesson plans provide teachers and students with the opportunity to design and create in Augmented Reality.

3DBear’s tight integration with Google Classroom and Google Drive allows teachers to easily assign and monitor their students’ work, and for students to work individually or in teams and share the results of their work with the class. 

“Many schools are affected by the coronavirus outbreak and many of our customers use 3DBear together with Google Classroom. It was important to help and Google for Education has been a great partner in this endeavor”, says Kristo Lehtonen, CEO of 3DBear. “At the end of the day, every child has the right to education. We wanted to give teachers an easy way to make even remote learning engaging and fun. Augmented Reality is a great tool to that end, and the integration with G Suite for Education gives us the opportunity to make that available to all schools who use Google Classroom.”

3DBear’s solutions have been used in over 10,000 classrooms in circa 50 countries around the world. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation selected 3DBear as one of the top 8 in the ‘XR in education’ category and the 3DBear app was chosen as a “Top Pick for Learning” by Common Sense Education.


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Kristo Lehtonen, CEO of 3DBear 

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