New Augmented Reality Bundle Engages Students

CleverBooks 3DB1

CleverBooks and 3DBear announce a new back to school bundle

Students use Augmented Reality to explore and create to learn on all 6 levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. Subjects include: geography, social studies, biology, and Space exploration. Augmented Reality motivates students to learn deeply through engaging activities, whether they are in class or learning remotely. 

Why Use AR for learning?

A Review of Research on Augmented Reality in Education (Saidin et al) concluded that Augmented Reality (AR) has been shown to have good potential in making the learning process more active, effective and meaningful. This is because its advanced technology enables users to interact with virtual and real-time applications and brings the natural experiences to the user. 

There is also evidence that shows that AR positively impacts the educational experience of students, increases confidence, increases the level of commitment and interest (Fombona et al).

For these reasons, the global augmented, and virtual reality (AR/VR) in education market size is projected to grow to EUR 17.3 billion by 2023. North America, followed by Europe, has the highest market share in the AR/VR in education.

How will students learn?

CleverBooks uses Augmented Reality to engage students in self-directed exploratory learning. Students use the CleverBooks maps to learn about and understand the relationships between land animals, water animals, plants, weather, political systems, and heritage and places of interest on the seven continents, and they use CleverBooks Space posters to explore and learn about the solar system, assemble a rocket, and see how a rocket disassembles as it launches. Through an interactive and engaging learning experience students can see, hear and touch the knowledge. 

3DBear is an Augmented Reality digital storytelling app where students manipulate 3 dimensional objects to build videos to explain concepts and tell stories across the curriculum. When the students create their videos, they are applying, analyzing, and evaluating what they have learned in order to create a video story that they can show off to their peers.

Jussi Kajala, 3DBear cofounder, commented, “In these times when teachers may not have all the face-time they would like with their classes, the task of motivating and engaging students becomes paramount. That’s why we felt the partnership with CleverBooks could give teachers a real leg up.”

Dr. Darya Yegorina, CEO of CleverBooks in her TEDx Talk in 2019 pointed out that: "At CleverBooks we envisioned a world where educators are empowered to help kids to develop necessary skills through strategic use of technology". Dr. Inna Armstrong, cofounder of CleverBooks, asserted, “We founded CleverBooks because we love to watch children learning, and with both CleverBooks and 3DBear so grounded in proven pedagogical practices, this partnership really helps teachers and students connect with their subjects.”

In addition to over 50 individual lessons, educators have access to three comprehensive lesson plans that cross academic disciplines: Biomes and Ecosystems, Heritage and Places of Interest, and Space Travel.

CleverBooks and 3DBear aim to create an environment where educators are empowered to embrace the 21st-century teaching practices and help students to develop skills necessary for the unknown future workforce. The Back-to-School AR bundle helps break old-fashioned pedagogical barriers and focuses on increased engagement of students in the classroom and beyond with an interactive and immersive learning environment. 

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