Here are the most frequently asked questions from our users. If you can’t find the answer to your question, we kindly ask you to contact We would love to help you out!


On what devices and operating systems does 3DBear AR run?

3DBear AR works on most Android and iOS devices. However, augmented reality experience is quite resource intensive for the devices, so we would recommend smart devices with ARKit or ARCore support. If your device doesn’t have either of them, it should have at least a compass and an accelerometer for the app to work. Please read the tech requirements section of our website for more details and a list of supported devices.


I can’t add anything to the screen, it’s not working.

Restart the app or click the anchor button to see if the model appear (the anchor is only visible on older devices).


The models appear too high/low/back-facing me. What should I do?

For better user experience, we suggest you to scan the floor/ground/surroundings before adding any 3D model. The camera needs to identify a plane first. If the plane is not properly detected, the models might appear high/low. Sometimes, if the space in front of you is crowded, you might not be able to add models, as the camera is unable to detect a suitable plane.


The models disappear every now and then. What can I do?

It is likely that you’re using the app in a crowded space. If there are a lot of movements in the background, the app might lose track of where you are in relation to the models.


I accidentally rotated/moved my model to a wrong position, is there an easier way to rotate/move back?

There are both undo and redo buttons on the top right. In case you accidently moved or rotated anything, you can always render it back to its original position.


How do I record my voice?

Voice is recorded same time as video. Please make sure that you are running the latest version of the app, allowed 3DBear AR to access microphone (if you accidentally denied it you can change this from your device settings. To better record sound, please also make sure that your device volume is sufficiently high.

I would like to change to a new location to design, how can I bring my design to the new location?

For users having new devices (ARKit & ARCore), group all your models, go to the new place and drag them over; or simply save the design and bring it back (use copy and edit function) after move to a new location.

For users having older device (Wikitude), click the anchor icon first, then move your camera to the new location, place the designs there by clicking the anchor icon again. Watch our anchor function tutorial video for more details.

What could be the problem if the app crashes on my device?

Augmented reality experience is quite resource intensive for the devices, especially for older devices that don’t have ARKit or ARCore. If you are experiencing memory issues on your device (app crashing, or it is slow), consider closing down other programs running on the device.