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An example of digital storytellng by creating a toy bear indoors.

3DBear provides a tool for learning higher order skills via 3D design in augmented reality (AR). Our solution has been developed in Finland - the best educational system in the world.

We have lesson plans available for pre-K, elementary schools, middle schools and libraries in ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, Coding, Design Thinking, Computational Thinking, and STEM/STEAM.

Students learn these skills through such engaging activities as creating a colony in Mars, redesigning your school, re-enacting historical scenes, creative storytelling, learning about 3D math, coding a castle, creating smart cities and learning social- and emotional skills in AR.


  • Ready made well-thought pedagogical content for learning 21st century skills and for project-based learning.

  • A thriving community for sharing your own lesson ideas.

  • Students create and design 3D worlds anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to trigger-based AR and roam free without limits.

  • Access to millions of 3D models to bring into augmented reality and the option for students to bring in their own.

  • Perfect way of visualising design ideas and learning through iteration and design thinking.

  • A mobile makerspace!


“Students and teachers are highly engaged.”

“Students enjoy using 3DBear and are able to focus on the task for long time periods.”

“Kinesthetic, visual and non-verbal students flourish when using 3DBear.”

“Using 3DBear eliminates the bottlenecks of 3D printing.”

“My most struggling students were able to shine.”

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