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Half a million AR creations using 3DBear from 47 countries this school year!

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  • You only need a smartphone or tablet

  • Designing a scene takes less than a minute

  • You get instant access to our library of lessons

  • Empowers visual and kinesthetic learners

  • Creation is the highest form of learning

  • Students are deeply engaged

  • Meet preK and K-12 standards

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SUSAN SCLAFANI, Librarian at Oregon Middle School, Medford, NY.

"For three hours to keep middle school students focused is quite impressive. A wonderful learning experience for my students. They were so excited and engaged!"

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MARIALICE CURRAN, Founder, Executive Director, Digital Citizenship Institute

“What I really like about 3DBear is the opportunity to add layers of opportunities for all learners to be content creators, to solve real problems in local, global, and digital communities through augmented reality.”

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"3DBear allows our students to be the masters of their own digital universe."

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"Students could reenact historical scenes in the social studies classroom or tell a story based on a book they’ve read."

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