3DBear Challenges ISTE 2018 Attendees to Build a Martian Colony in AR


3DBear Challenges ISTE 2018 Attendees to Build a Martian Colony in AR

At the Northern Illinois STEM Read event, teachers and students will rescue a stranded astronaut using augmented reality

(Chicago, Illinois) June 20, 2018 – At ISTE 2018,  3DBear is offering educators a thrilling challenge right out of a Hollywood movie: A U.S. astronaut is stranded on Mars. How are you going to save him? And as a teacher, what science could you teach your students as they try?

Students and teachers will have the chance to save that astronaut in augmented reality (AR) during the  Northern Illinois STEM Read Professional Development Party in Space. The event will feature Andy Weir, author of the best-selling novels The Martian and Artemis.

Using 3DBear’s app and a virtual gallery of objects already uploaded to Thingiverse, teams will develop 3D objects and create a colony on Mars. They will also consider the scientific principles behind growing plants and recycling water on their colony, and will use a MakerBot Desktop 3D printer to bring their 3DBear AR design to life.

“This gamified experience will allow educators to see a whole different side of teaching students everything from creativity to STEM topics,” said Jussi Kajala, the CEO of 3DBear, Inc. “When students are allowed to use their imagination and create their own objects, the possibilities are endless.”

3DBear, a leading provider of engaging AR solutions for education, allows students to create three-dimensional scenes right on their mobile devices. Students of all ages use 3DBear to actively design and create mixed-reality scenes, then bring their models to life using a 3D printer. 3DBear’s integration of AR, 3D modelling, and 3D printing is a fun, technology-enriched way of engaging learners across all subjects..

To register for the STEM Read event, click here. Discounts are offered to ISTE attendees.

Teachers can create transformational learning experiences for students by joining 3DBear’s AR Innovator Program. The program is a community of AR innovators, and also includes in-classroom professional development sessions. For a limited time, 100 schools can get 50% off the program fee as a grant. The program runs from May 2018 until June 2019. Schools can join until September 2018.