AR and 3D printing professional development

AR and 3D Printing


Augmented Reality “AR” is known to many from games in which you chase monsters or collect coins. Instead, in 3DBear application students get to actively design and create 3D worlds themselves. When doing so, they learn about different school subjects, higher order skills and 21st century skills. The 3D designs created in augmented reality can be 3D printed. It is a perfect tool for engaging students.

Augmented reality and 3D printing will be used widely in education in the years to come. However, having only the equipment for AR or 3D printing is not enough. Educators need pedagogical content that adds value to learning and motivates for explorative learning. Students design, share and create collaboratively. The new technologies are in particular suitable for project-based, inquiry-based and problem-based learning. They are ideal for teaching higher order skills, 21st century skills, computational thinking and design thinking.

3D printing in schools has been slow and cumbersome. If the focus of the lesson is on learning how to use a complex tool or on waiting for the 3D printer to operate, it is impossible to focus on the learning itself. 3D design in augmented reality solves this problem. Using tablet computers or mobile phones students can all at the same time 3D model and collaboratively design 3D worlds together. You can still 3D print the design, but 3D printing is no longer a bottleneck for the pedagogical experience!

The biggest problem is using 3D technologies in school has been the lack of right learning enviroments, pedagogical content and easy to use learning applications. 3DBear solves all these problems and on top of that provides teacher training that make your educators augmented reality innovators who can utilize AR and 3D printing in their work in a pedagogically meaningful way.

How 3DBear application works is shown concretely on this video: The pedagogical lead of 3DBear Maria Muuri and the former prime minister of Finland Esko Aho tell you more about 3DBear here:

AR and 3D printing professional development

Content of our service


Teacher training

  • Two half day workshops (3,5 h + 3,5 h). Location and date & time agreed mutually.

  • Trainers are the best in the World in teaching Augmented Reality and 3D printing in education (see references below)

  • Agenda for the teacher training:

Workshop 1

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D printing, what is all the fuzz about?

    1. Latest examples in the world for using AR and 3D printing in education. What others are doing?

    2. Exploring different applications utilizing AR

      • participants get our hand picked list of relevant AR applications for education

    3. How does a 3D printer work?

    4. Exploring and using different 3D modelling software

    5. 3D in education - how do I concretely utilize this in my work?


Workshop 2

  • What kind of lessons can i give utilizing AR and 3D printing?

  • How do these technologies connect with the curriculum?

  • How do we improve teaching results with AR and 3D printing?

  • What are the greatest benefits of AR and 3D printing in education, what kind of lessons are the most effective?


You will get:

  • All course material delivered to you in electronic form.


Not included in the service

  • Transportation to training or accommodation during training

  • Meals

  • Laptops, iPads or Android phones or tablets, which are very useful for training participants to have (however if needed it might be possible for us to bring 10 iPads for the training)


Intellectual property rights

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3DBear is born global start-up which helps children to create and design using new 3D technologies, including 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality. We provide the right pedagogical tools and lesson plans developed for teaching 3D – and with the help of 3D. We have co-developed our approach with the best educational system in the World.

We have received significant international recognition, including selection to top 100 educational technology innovations in HundrED.  Bloggers use us as an example of next generation edtech: Our network of ambassador teachers is spreading around the world. In Finland, the Government’s National Agency of Education has published our support material for schools, and already 7 % of schools use 3DBear.

Pekka Salokannel is world famous 3D designer and our lead instructor. Pekka is also serial entrepreneur, and he was part of the Tinkercad team until Tinkercad - the previous Finnish 3D success story - was sold to Autodesk in US. Pekka has won design competitions around the world and has been a keynote speaker about 3D printing in, for example, Mozilla festival in London and Open Innovations Forum in Moscow. Pekka is an enthusiastic teacher and educator.

Maria Muuri is a pedagogical expert who has written globally sold school books for primary education. She is vice principal in one of the most innovative schools in Finland: Matinlahti school in Espoo. Maria has over 15 years of experience as a teacher and education expert. She is one of the most recognized educators in Finland - which is renowned for its educational system.

Jussi Kajala has Ph.D. in material physics and a degree from University of Cambridge, UK. Jussi was responsible for developing the 3D printing industry in Finland in Tekes – the Finnish funding agency of Innovation for three years. Jussi is a visionary and spectacular project designer and manager. Jussi is responsible for 3DBear’s operations in US.

Kristo Lehtonen is the CEO of 3DBear having 10 years of experience of leading high technology teams in Nokia and Nokia Siemens Network. Kristo is an experienced trainer.