Augmented Reality is Ideal for Accessibility, Inclusion, and SEL



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Enhance your students' Microsoft Education Experience with 3DBear Augmented Reality


3DBear app is a visualization tool. Students create photos and videos using Augmented Reality to explore and explain what they are learning, across the curriculum and from preK all the way up through University. When students apply, analyze, evaluate, and create they are involving all their senses and learning deeply. When students practice, assess, and self-direct they are on a direct path to Mastery. With 3DBear app students can learn social and emotional skills and create skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.


With 3DBear's solutions...


1. Students are able to showcase their feelings in a creative and effortless way.


Students using 3DBear app to express their feelings.


2. Students can learn social and emotional skills in their own pace without the feeling of social pressure.

Individual collectivist


3. Non-verbal, dyslexic, and kinesthetic learners, along with students on the Autism spectrum, become stars

See them shine with learning exercises that are more attuned to their strengths. Watch the video below.

Autistic Spectrum

3DBear App is a great way for students to express themselves without words through augmented reality. It is especially useful for students with difficulties to verbalize their thoughts and emotions.  AR technology is especially useful for students with autism because they can both become more focused due to immersion and learn and create without the feeling of social pressure. This was found out in a study done by Valteri under Finnish National Agency for Education, 

Using 3DBear specifically for SEL, students create scenes that incorporate and model emotions and interactions. When discussing these scenes with teachers and classes, they learn different ways to moderate their emotions and actions, and pattern them in socially acceptable ways.

And when we say across the curriculum, we mean we have lessons for Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, History, Art, STEM, STEAM, SEL, Design Thinking, Social Action, Community Building, and careers.


Teaching SEL with digital storytelling and augmented reality.


3DBear has a series of SEL lessons that teachers can use with their students, and also most teachers end up using 3DBear to help students visualize and pattern whatever interactions and control mechanisms they are teaching, from how to introduce yourself, to interactions involving anger or anxiety, to recalling and re-enacting personal or hypothetical experience. Because the output of 3DBear is photos and videos, teachers use 3DBear as the mechanism for students to create responses to prompts and stimulate discussions.

3DBear academic and social and emotional learning is designed for all learners, teachers can use Flipgrid to communicate tasks and assignments and students use to post the work and comment each others work.


Using 3DBear app together with Flipgrid.


Our offering consists of teacher training academies leading to qualification to utilize virtual learning environments, software, and a wide variety of different pedagogical content modules. Teachers will be able to create their own lessons in VR/AR and change them as they want. We tailor our packages based on customer need.

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3DBear has Microsoft Single-Sign On and our AR/VR solutions work with Teams in remote teaching.

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