How to use 3DBear TUTORIAL videos

First time in 3DBear!

How to use basic tools in 3DBear AR app: Place model, move, scale, rotate, color, new scene.

How to use advanced tools in 3DBear AR app: Duplicate, Group, 1D-scale, Mirror, Lock, Undo/redo, animation, texture.

5 tips to create awesome AR Stories!

How to browse and interact with AR Stories. How to search hashtags and users.

How to Copy&edit AR Story models, browse 3DBear Collections, search models from Sketchfab and import your own 3D models.

How to take an AR photo or video. How to publish an AR Story. How to browse your photos and videos in Gallery.

How to add / edit your Username, Profile image & Bio text on your 3DBear Profile.

How to log in, log out and student log in. How to earn and give points by sharing and entering your personal code. How to change app language.

How to browse lesson plans in 3DBear app. How to use Teacher Dashboard in browser.

How to use Teacher dashboard in the browser. See students creations, Lesson plans and manage Classes.