3DBear webinars

STEM Challenges that Motivate Students

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020, 2:00PM Eastern/ 1:00PM Central Time

Led by Eika Johnson

How do you get kids really excited about science? Can we tap into their natural curiosity about their surroundings and their built-in drive to create and show off?

In this session, we will explore ways that students can be motivated to explore and use design thinking and problem solving techniques to complete STEM challenges. We will look at 3 STEM challenges, one using building bricks, one using computer aided design, and another using 3DBear and Augmented Reality. All 3 challenges can be adapted for varying grade levels but are ideal for the grades 4-8.

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Eika Johnson is a STEM/Makerspace instructor at the STEAM Academy in Dallas, Texas. Eika has been an educator for 25 years having taught all areas of K-12 STEM. Eika enjoys challenging her students and creating opportunities for them to become immersed in STEM. She is an Ambassador for 3DBear and enjoys AR/VR learning and teaching. Eika serves on the DFW Regional Leadership Team for the Texas Girls Collaborative Project and volunteers for Black Girls Code. Eika also works with the Upward Bound Program at The University of North Texas at Dallas to prepare 1st generation students to become college ready. She is the mother of 4 children: Bailee 19, Wesley 16, Ashlee 15 and Teryn 10.


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Teaching in and with Virtual Museums

Thursday, June 17th 2020, 8:00PM Eastern / 5:00PM Pacific Time

Led by Tom Barry, Cradle of Aviation Museum

The Cradle of Aviation Museum has over a hundred exhibits to engage children in fun STEM activities. Like many other museums, they are now offering teachers and parents a way to integrate their exhibits online during these times of remote learning.

This session will highlight how you can conduct lessons around a virtual field trip to explore the science of flight, historic events in the history of aviation, and STEM lessons around lunar and mars explorations. Additionally, you will have a framework for creating lessons around any virtual field trip and we will explore the use of student digital storytelling using video, photos, and Augmented Reality using the 3DBear app.

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Tom Barry is the Assistant Director of Education at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City New York. He has 20 years of experience in informal learning and oversaw the creation of a virtual field trip program at the Intrepid Museum that engaged students on six continents.


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