3DBear webinars


How to Make Teaching Easier, Using Augmented Reality

Monday, November 23rd 2020, 7:30AM Eastern / 6:00PM Indian Time

Led by Anupam Sharma

Class management, behavior management, getting students to complete assignments, getting students to master learning objectives, engaging students, advancing students' social and emotional skills, preparing students for their lives as citizens, adults, and workers. Can any one tool help teachers with all of this?

Anupam Sharma is going to go through lessons that use Augmented Reality that can make teachers' lives easier in all of these areas. These are lessons primarily for primary and intermediate grades, and they span STEM, language, social studies, science, and art. They provide students with choice, voice, and engagment, and teachers with the means to monitor, assess, and guide student progress and learning. These lessons all use the 3DBear Augmented Reality tool, although they can be adapted for other tools as well. If you want to follow the lessons, you can download the app on your phone or tablet.

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Anupam Sharma

Anupam Sharma is Coordinator (CAIE) at Indirapuram Public School, Indirapuram, India. She at 15 years teaching experience and has been an expert speaker and writer on Active Learning strategies, Social Emotional Learning, and Professional Development. She was recently selected as a panelist in the prestigious FicciArise webinar series on parental involvement and student well-being during the Covid-19 Pandemic. You can follow her on Twitter @Anupam_Sharmaa.






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