Immersive space supports special needs students in Savon ammattiopisto

3DBear has implemented the first immersive space in Finland in cooperation with Savo Vocational College. Four to eight students enter the space and interact with the four walls and floor of the space, with the whole experience enhanced by sensory experiences such as scents, wind and sound. There are ready made content for most academic subjects, plus customized interactive content can be created in the space to support the local needs of students and teachers! 

Video. Immersive space at Savon ammattiopisto.

The design of the immersive space was based on the needs of teaching and students. The immersive space of Savo Vocational College was created especially with special education students in mind who require special support. For example, students learn how to act in basic everyday situations, such as meals, transportation, and interacting with others. The space and contents are accessible to all students.  

Video. The space has received the attention it deserves in national news!

"Shared experiences strengthen the sense of community between students - cleaning the kitchen together is more fun than drilling alone, and who wouldn't want to go to Bali with friends - even if the experience is virtual."

In the immersive space, you can work in groups of several students communally, without VR glasses. Savo Vocational College's special education teacher Tarja Tolonen states that this is important when working with TELMA students: "With special students, it is important to see their faces and expressions. Also individual and group coaching in the virtual world is possible when we all look at the same view". Tarja also points out that the shared experiences made possible by the space strengthen the sense of community between the students: "Cleaning the kitchen together is more fun than working alone, and who among us wouldn't want to go to Bali with friends - even if the experience is virtual."

Savo University of Applied Sciences already has a lot of ideas for using the space in connection with teaching, for example in practicing new and scary situations and workplace environments. The students have also accepted the space with joy and see it as a great new experience and an opportunity to practice an independent life.


Picture. In addition to the educational side, the immersive space also serves as a calming room for the senses, photo Savo ammattiopisto.


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