New learning environment

The Immersive Space is a revolutionary teaching methodology that allows us to engage and motivate students as never before, helping them learn faster, deeper, and better than ever before.

Augmented reality (“AR”) and virtual reality (“VR”) will be used widely in education in the years to come. However, just having only the technology is not enough. Implementation of the technology needs to be embedded with proven pedagogical practice to teach higher order skills, 21st century skills, computational thinking and design thinking.

What does it look like? Let’s say you wanted to show someone the different technologies involved in immersive classrooms. Try the example below, moving around the room and clicking on the various hot spots.


Immersive spaces can be used to teach virtually (no pun intended) anything, including: science, math, CTE, SEL, history, social studies, art, ELA, and world languages.

Open Immersive space in 360 view


The challenge is selecting the right immersive technologies and then combining them with the right educational methods, projects and activities in order to impact learning. 

That’s where we come in.

3DBear is a global organization which provides students the ability to create and design using immersive technologies. We provide the proven pedagogical tools and lesson plans developed to effectively teach 3D – with the help of 3D. We have co-developed our approach with a world renown educational system.

Contact us to learn how you can effectively implement immersive technologies in your school and transform your teaching and learning.