provide authentic CTE learning activities in augmented and virtual reality

How do you give students hands-on activities that allow them to learn and demonstrate competence when they do not have the same access to labs, workplaces, or materials that they had pre-covid?

CTE is traditionally hands on; students learn professions and trades through solving problems and performing the types of tasks that practitioners perform in those fields.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can not only be valid substitutes, they can provide extra practice, invaluable feedback, and occupational simulations that are just not practical in the real world.

That’s where 3DBear comes in.

For your teachers

  • Professional development, training, and coaching
  • Curriculum, lesson plans, and additional resources

For your students

  • Learning content and activities
  • Practice and Feedback
  • Gamified environment

when there's no need to build scale models and students can design them virtually, you get 10% more time for learning sessions and you end up saving thousands per course."

Teppo Vahteristo, KEUDA Vocational school, Finland

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What differentiates 3DBear

  • Experience: 3DBear has implemented hundreds of immersive classrooms for CTE.

  • Ease of use: Biggest impact on teacher adoption is easiness of use. We make sure your teachers are prepared and comfortable with the technology & pedagogy. 

  • Utilization of all 3D-technologies: AR, VR, 360-photos, access to millions of 3D Objects, scanning and 3D-printing to vary activities, keep students engaged, use the best technology for the task.

  • Teacher-controlled content: Teachers are given the tools to add their own immersive tasks and assessments for the students, not just passively utilize content created by others. 3DBear turns teachers and students into creators. 

  • Support and implementation: Three points of contact for implementation: 1) first experience made immensely easy and meaningful 2) PD provide for a meaningful context on applying immersive tech to CTE 3) interactive materials for just in time answers to questions

  • 3DBear Pedagogy: Based on Finnish educational practices; students learn by doing, build on their successes, learn to monitor their progress, and take control of their own learning.

Online course content and sequence



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Everything you need to incorporate 3D technology into teaching

  • World-class pedagogy + technology with affordable prices

  • We choose best technologies (VR, AR, 3D scanning, 360 photos, 3D printing) based on your need.

  • Tailor-made pedagogic content for your CTE courses. 

  • Professional development to ensure transfer of competences to your staff (“teach to fish, not give fish”)

  • Workshops for teachers to train usage with students

  • We design & build immersive spaces, portable AR labs

Example: Solve a problem in a virtual factory using VR and AR


Look around the factory and diagnose the problems:

  • What industrial processes are not working? 
  • Where are the disconnects between the control room and the field? 
  • What are the health and safety risks? 

Demonstrate how you would fix the issues.

Gamified Assessment provides motivation and feedback to student, and data to the LMS.