Learning about circular economy in business through a game

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Circular economy is becoming an increasingly popular concept among businesses as more and more companies realize the benefits of adopting a circular model. However, for small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) involved in international trade, the transition to a circular economy can be daunting, especially if they lack the resources and expertise to make the shift. That's where the VIVA project comes in. 3DBear has developed in -the VIVA project a circular economy minigame that enables export oriented SMEs to learn about circular economy principles in a fun and engaging way. If you want to play the game yourself, the play link is here

Video showcasing the circular economy minigame

The circular economy minigame is a simulation that puts players in the shoes of a small business owner looking to transform their business into a circular model. Players are tasked with making decisions that will help them achieve their circular goals, such as reducing waste, improving resource efficiency, and developing new business models.

One of the key features of the minigame is its focus on sustainable logistics. Players are challenged to optimize their supply chains and distribution networks to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. They must also consider the environmental impact of their transportation choices and choose the most sustainable options.


In the circular economy you get to make realistic business decisions in different scenarios well applicable to a SME!

Another important aspect of the minigame is its emphasis on business opportunities. Players are shown how embracing circular economy principles can lead to new revenue streams and increased profitability. They are encouraged to think creatively and explore new business models that prioritize sustainability.

Perhaps most importantly, the minigame helps export oriented SMEs understand the benefits of circular economy transformation. By adopting a circular model, companies can reduce their environmental impact, improve their reputation, and future-proof their business. The VIVA project's circular economy minigame provides export oriented SMEs with the knowledge and tools they need to make the shift to a circular model.

I think this is a really innovative and engaging way of learning about a complex topic in a practical way. I certainly recommend you to try this out. The scenarios are based on expert material and really well thought out.”, says Jussi Kajala, the CEO of 3DBear who has been a development partner in the VIVA project. 

In conclusion, the circular economy minigame developed by 3DBear in the VIVA project is an innovative and effective tool for export oriented SMEs looking to learn about circular economy principles. By gamifying the learning experience, the minigame makes the transition to a circular model fun and engaging, while also providing valuable insights into sustainable logistics, business opportunities, and the benefits of circular economy transformation. If you're a small business owner looking to embrace circular principles, the VIVA project's circular economy minigame is a great place to start.

Play circular economy minigame here.