3DBear & JAMK Co-Develop AR App for Robot Controlling with AR-Glasses


3DBear is excited to announce the successful co-development of an augmented reality (AR) app for industrial robot controlling and AR-glasses with JAMK, the University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, Finland. The project, which lasted from January to April 2023, aimed to create an interface between the AR glasses and the ABB IRB 4600 robot controller, allowing users to control the robot and teach it positioning points and trajectories.

During the project, 3DBear and JAMK held regular co-development workshops and weekly check-up calls to ensure that the app met the project goals. The interface was tested with different application scenarios to ensure its functionality, with the aim of further developing the app to support additional features and use cases in the future. Documentation and training materials were also provided to help with further development, and a Hololens training program was conceptualized and planned with JAMK.



The final product, a Hololens app, includes several features that allow users to control the robot with hand gestures, create trajectories, display physical robot data on AR, and use a 3D, XYZ axis gizmo to move and rotate the robot. The app also has menus, world, base, and tool frames, and 1 to 6 axises to control the robot. An AR marker, a QR-code sticker on the floor, allows the Hololens to scan it and position the digital twin on the right spot over the physical robot. Users can show or hide the digital twin model as needed.

The project received positive feedback from JAMK, with one representative stating that "this project has been a great example of how projects should be done" and that 3DBear "set a new benchmark for how projects are done to ensure customer satisfaction." The project's success was due in part to 3DBear’s commitment to effective communication and goal-setting with the client.

The app was created using Unity software and runs on Microsoft Hololens 2 glasses. The robot is controlled using RobotStudio software and RobotWare for IRC5 controller.

Overall, 3DBear and JAMK's co-development of the AR app for industrial robot controlling and AR-glasses demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovation in creating cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to transform industries.

The project was part of European Regional Development Funded project coADDVA-ADDing VAlue by Computing in Manufacturing (1.9.2021 - 31.10.2023).